Al- Niffari, notes & quotes from  Mawqif of Stayings (8)…




The way is to the seeker rather than towards.


(2) Who stays through Me, her I clothe in adornment,
and she sees no adornment in anything. 

(4) If any attraction of otherness remains for you, you stay not.

we are
I am
Mirrors of the limitless


(5) In staying you see other at its proper limit, and, seeing it, departs from it. 
(6) Staying is the source of knowledge: who stays, her knowledge is within herself: but who stays not, her knowledge is with other than herself.


Consciousness is knowing the movement in the medium
– doesn’t matter if we understand it or not


(7) The stayer speaks and is silent according to a single law. 
(9) Staying is beyond night and day, and beyond the values contained by them. 


Your certainty lies in the boundlessness


(11) The stayer enters every house, and it contains her not; drinks of every well, and is not satisfied; then reaches unto Me, and I am her abode, and with Me is her place of staying. 
(12) When you have known staying, gnosis will not except you,
and temporality will not be familiar with you.


Just acknowledge
the impossible limitlessness


(14) Who yields herself to Me in the sciences of staying, her back is
rested against, and her staff leaned upon. 

(15) In staying there is neither establishment, nor annihilation, nor speech,
nor act, nor knowledge, nor ignorance.


Any degree of certainty is impossible


(16) Staying belongs to imperviousness: who possesses it,
her outward part is her inward, and her inward part is her outward. 

(19) Who stays not through Me, is stayed by everything beside Me.


Boundlessness if it is understood it has bounds


(20) The stayer sees the latter things, and the former things have no power over her.
(21) Staying sets free from the slavery of this world and the next. 


There is a halting point whereas the arrow from the divine is limitless


(23) Nothing has gnosis of Me: but if any approaches it, it is the stayer. 
(26) In staying is a consolation for that from which one has stayed,
and a compensation for that which one has abandoned. 


Everything is in worship
in acknowledged
of the dependence
of the limitless divine


(27) Staying is the gate of vision; who is therein, sees Me, and who sees
Me stays; but who sees Me not, stays not.
(28) The stayer eats of delight, yet eats it not; drinks of affliction, yet drinks it not. 


2 – Know your halting point mawkif
3 – Me/waqif what are my filters? – who am I? how do I filter –
4- It’s not what is reality – it’s what’s not reality.


(29) I have mingled the perception of the stayer with the majesty of my protection:
she recoils from everything, and nothing accords with her.
(30) If the heart of the stayer were in otherness, she would not stay;
if otherness were in it, she would not persist. 




(33) The stayer is far through the nearness of living creatures,
and is veiled by the sciences of the knowers. 

(37) The stayer sees knowledge, how it destroys the thing known: she is not
partitioned by any existing thing, nor inclined by any contemplated thing.


Words reduce the truth,
this is all you have, power to dismiss.


(39) The stayer is not moved by beauty nor frightened by fear:
I am sufficient for her, and staying is her bound. 

(43) Every stayer is a gnostic: not every gnostic is a stayer.

Make assertions on reality – meditation is a good ascertain


(47) The body of the stayer dies, but her heart does not die. 
(52) Patience is set above everything except staying:
staying is set above patience. (timelessness)


Do nothing and hope your chest target is big enough for the arrow to hit – ambiguity of presence does not deny that there is presence.


(55) Staying is my destroying hand: everything it comes upon, it destroys,
and everything that desires it, is consumed by it. 

(63) Staying in my wind: whomsoever it bears, she reaches unto Me;
and whomsoever it does not bear, she reaches unto herself. 


Where is your anchor

(68) The gnostic knows and is known, the stayer knows and is not known. 
(76) The knower sees her knowledge, but does not see gnosis; the gnostic sees gnosis,
but does not see Me; the stayers sees Me, and does not see other than Me.


The promise of Allah’s Mercy is not conditional – Mercy passes though our created conditions

(79) Staying is my light, with which darkness dwells not.


To know thy self

Leads you to your authentic path

(87) The knower tells of her knowledge, the gnostic tells of her gnosis, the stayer tells Me. 


Found by the reality of no knowledge

(89) I am nearer to everything than its own soul;
and the stayer is nearer to Me than everything.


The most sacred thing is to immerse yourself in consciousness

(92) Knowledge is my veil, gnosis is my speech, staying is my presence.


Honour the quest for certainty despite its impossibility

(93) Change affects not the stayer, nor do desires carry her away.


The impossibility does not negate

(94) The authority of the stayer is her silence; the authority of the gnostic is her speech;
the authority of the knower is her knowledge.


Constant examination is required

(96) In staying, all separation is made known. 

We are the bounded

(97) The heart of the stayer is in my hands, and the heart of the gnostic
is in the hands of her gnosis.


Spirituality means resonance with consciousness

(98) The gnostic has a heart the stayer has a Master. 

Do nothing

(104) Staying sees Me only, gnosis sees Me and itself.


If you try and grasp your knowing the knowing becomes an idol

(106) The gnostics have my communication, the stayers have my face. edge