“The Prophet said that God has said,
‘I am not contained in the jar of “high” and “low”;
I am not contained in earth or heaven or even in the empyrean
— know this for certain, O noble one;
I am contained in the true believer’s heart: oh, how wonderful!
If you seek Me, search in those hearts.’”

“If this affection seems to you a trial,
for one moment put the trial to the test.
Do not hide your secret, in order that mine may be revealed:
command anything that I am able to do.
Do not hide your heart, in order that mine may be revealed
and that I may accept whatever I am capable of.”

– Just come, no excuse is required, or reason, or questions…

““God said to us, ‘Say, Come ye,’ in order to signify to us
the vanquishing our feeling of shame.”

“O Lord, accept this jar and jug of mine by the grace of “God has purchased (from the believers their lives and wealth in return for Paradise).”