I wish I could hug a cloud
I think it would be squishy with love
it would be on a hot summers day
I would say,
thank you for
the rain, the rivers, the sea and me

I wish I could brush my hand across the sky
the clouds would create zigzag waves with my fingertips
I would let the wind kiss my cheeks
and say
can I put the clouds in my heart and never let go?


oh sky, you are big and I am small
and in a heart there is space
for a universe and more
to the Giants in the sky,
I would say
will you take my hand and together
slide down a rainbow?


sometimes I fit myself into a small space
forgetting the sky, all squashed its hard to breath
in this place the walls hurt all my bones
dry as a stormy desert, I can’t see
to You I would say,
will You, reach inside, and always come to find me?