Worship: Contact with the Infinite (part two)
    A protective grace becomes available to those who share worship. With this grace perception changes. We develop by opening ourselves to every manifestation of life we encounter. As we open ourselves, the Divine Milieu pours in. With a strong enough love, we can make the journey of life without fear, becoming invulnerable.
    When we gather our faculties, giving them both direction and stillness, as if before the face of Love, we are also preparing ourselves to remember this Love spontaneously at other times.  If we consistently direct our attention, desire, will, thought, and feeling in the direction of Love, the Love thus realized becomes a vital power and capacity. Through worship we are rejoined with the One we worship.
    Of all the human activities that I am acquainted with, worship, provided it is with presence, is the most direct route toward contact with the Infinite. Worship in communion with others is even more fruitful than worship alone, provided one can find a community of lovers. Worship that includes the whole of us is vastly more effective than worship that includes only a part of us. Worship can begin in stillness of mind, heart, and body, leading to an inner activation, a deep recollection in which we make a spontaneous and specific call to the Spirit within, asking of it all the qualities and strengths we need to serve in life. This spontaneous prayer can be clear and resonant, since through the voice it is possible to awaken the dormant essence within ourselves and others. Worship may include conscious breathing, chanting, singing, and movement.  It need not be in a church, nor should it be afflicted with religiosity, piousness, or sentimentality. Worship may yet take forms that are entirely new and creative, for what is of Spirit is creative.