See how Love merges with Lovers,
how the soul blends into matter.

Don’t say: this and that, good and bad.
See how ‘this’ and ‘that’ intermingle.

Don’t talk about this world and that other.
See how this world and that meld together.

The heart’s a king, the tongue its interpreter-
see how king and interpreter melt into one.

Let us unite with each other,
together, like the earth, and the sky.

Look at fire, water, earth and air:
enemies, yet friends, mixed together.

Wolf, sheep, lion, deer: four opposites,
assembled when He gives the order.

See that King by whose favour
roses and thorns come together.

See that cloud who graciously
gathers waters from different streams.

See oneness through its results.  Remember
that spring and the harvest festival,

though across and opposed to each other,
are linked, like a bow and an arrow.

Savour sugar, keep silent, remember:
Advice doesn’t melt in the mouth.

Shams of Tabriz springs from the heart.
He is the ultimate union.

Mevlana Rumi, Say Nothing