arched back, curled neck, eyes begging an ocean
turning to your waves,
…..breathing your quakes
hearing your creaks,
…knowing your loss
………..walking your wants,
embodying your like

to be seen, to be seen,
to be seen by you

where am I when you have already left the room?
who am I when my name slipped your gaze?
vision thinned to a single thread
heart encased in a bottle
encrusted in jewels, beautified with hope
…elegant gestures with perfect rhythm
………..polished and gleaming she shines
but nothing she will do
will be seen by you

in the gateways of Grace
she falls to be heard
angled in position, waiting…
tired, she is home
with tears and blankets the days slip
its many years before
………..before she agrees,
its ok
not to be seen by you