i would return it all
body parts
even the pieces that shine in the dark
so I bought some stuff
things and rings
books and pencils and pens
i turned it all upside down
and the inside came out
i wrote letters and emails and stories and essays
magnificent poems
songs that would make an ocean cry
it took days and years
before I knocked on the door
my breath lost its point
not enough
so I returned with medicines and cures
pills and rejections
rulers and scars
it was a few more years before
i knocked on the door
my breath got caught on a fishing line
i was spinning
and all of me fell on my head
i took out my list of many thousand questions
i stood
“this is it, all of me
may i return it?” –

‘No’, You said
so I stood, in all of me
and not one questioned remainedquestionsstars