RECIPE for Bhindi ( Lady Fingers)



1- Chop bhindi removing top parts, and into small pieces.
2- Chop and slice onions.
3- Fry Bhindi in small amount of oil for a few minutes, slightly brown bhindi, this removes slimy texture. Take out and put aside.
4- In same oil add the onions (approx. 3 onions, same proportion of bhindi) and brown – when slightly brown add 2 spoons of yogurt optional, then fry until yogurt melts away. Take onions out and leave aside to drain with fried bhindi.
5-Take 1 onion and brown in same oil – this onion will be base of masala/sauce.
6-Crush the garlic, ginger and chilli, add to the browned onion. Also add the tin tomatoes (or fresh tomatoes) and all the spices. Stir, add 1/2 a glass of water, put pan onto a low heat and let it cook with lid on – approx 5 mins.
7-Once water has completely evaporated – add the bhindi and other onions and cook for a further 15 minutes, under low heat with lid on.

Best enjoyed with fresh chapati’s!