sticky rice with other stuff in it, all clumped together.

Earlier this morning she left new shoes in a charity bag,
they will be worn by a woman with light silvery hair.

On a plate are pieces of carrots soaked in soya sauce,
the carrots remember seeing daffodils blowing in the wind.

An empty chair in the London restaurant,
calls the tired woman many places away – she is paused in someones war.

A plastic folk on a table near by,
lies across an empty plate wondering,
‘is this it’?

Standing outside, his mouth dry, he remembers a long time ago –
when he bought bottled water, from the comfort of having loose change.

A Newspaper lying in the trash, contemplates the words on page 7, somewhere bullets sparkle in the sky,
and a thousand miles from this place –
a 7 year old boy holds his ears to the sound of fireworks.

‘Draw the circle bigger’ says the army sergeant sat in the corner,
‘Yes’ replies the lady in prayer, kneeled in the same space many years later.

Falling his eyes cast the sky,
his thoughts,
‘had I been a cloud I would have travelled far.’