Dancing words

said the rabbit

‘You can hold it’, said the rabbit


Ripped wings
and a dance.
Smiles stretched
with giant safety pins on either side.
Gently pulled by a soft cotton
…to an ornate statue
………… an ironed and dressed garden.

She left them.
They took it.
She ran before.
She ran after.

she stopped running.

In a pleasantly lit home,
she is bleeding
there is no movement
but breath
thats all there is
this breathing.


to remain

In this heavy light
I sit,
every inch of me
wants to run.
And to remain
…how do you remain?
Within the entangles of desire,
we are all here,
this moment.
Trying to remain,
dancing with Glances in the dark.
La illaha il Allah, La illaha il Allah, La illaha il Allah…

dot to dot

sticky rice with other stuff in it, all clumped together.

Earlier this morning she left new shoes in a charity bag,
they will be worn by a woman with light silvery hair.

On a plate are pieces of carrots soaked in soya sauce,
the carrots remember seeing daffodils blowing in the wind.

An empty chair in the London restaurant,
calls the tired woman many places away – she is paused in someones war.
A plastic folk on a table near by, lies across an empty plate wondering,
‘is this it’?

Standing outside, his mouth dry, he remembers a long time ago –
when he bought bottled water, from the comfort of having loose change.

A Newspaper lying in the trash, listens to the sound of the words, somewhere not so far, bullets sparkle in the sky,
and a thousand miles from this place –
a 7 year old boy holds his ears to the sound of fireworks.

‘Draw the circle bigger’ says the army sergeant sat in the corner,
‘Yes’ replies the lady in prayer, kneeled in the same space many years later.

Falling his eyes glance the sky,
his thoughts,
‘had I been a cloud I would have travelled far.’



just walking,


“Whats the plan?”
Give the seat on the train,
pick up leaves,
and hope to smile when it rains.











I said,
I have a problem,
I have lived a life and realised
the stranger in the room is me…

You said – yes, keep going.

There is a screaming voice inside.
This scream won’t make a sound, I said.

That’s a problem, You said,
screams should always make a sound.

You paused to watch a butterfly float by
and said –
A tight space beckons,
not an inch to spare,
air thinned to a crisp note,
movement restricted to a light hum.

I walked to the edge,
the edge of something-
I stretched out my arms.

My chest wide open and fragile.

My right palm facing upwards,
my left palm facing down,
and whirled.


scream lineslowres.jpg




…wildly knocking on an open door,
crazy colours, glittering halos,
sea’s roaring, smashing with the wind…

in the disagreement of You
pillars leaning in history,

it’s there, a pull deep in despair….


The angry wolf

Sits outside my house

Difficult to ignore

Easy to feed

Hard to love


I see you in-between the trees
I look in places of green.
Hiding from you in the critique of me
if it’s a daughters smile,
a friends greeting,
or want of a teachers love.
Gentle, kind and loved,
you remind me of my fathers eyes.
He said, ‘little one, look everywhere’.
So as I continue to climb ladders
outside and within,
how the distance is my refusal
I sing…

Al la Hum me Sal li a la-
Sey yi di na –
Mu hamme di nin ne biy  yil um miy yi 
Ve a La – a-
Li hi ve Sah 
Bi hi ve sel lim

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