big shoes..

Make extraordinary and bold efforts on the Path,
but remember who the Doer is.
~Abul Hasan Kharaqani

April Theme


“For the one who remains conscious of God;
He always prepares a way of emergence
And provides for her in ways she could never imagine.
And if anyone puts her trust in God, sufficient is God for her.
For God will surely accomplish Her purpose:
Truly, for all things has God appointed an appropriate measure…
And for everyone who is conscious of God,
He makes it easy to obey His commandments:
all this is God’s commandment,
which He has bestowed upon you from on high.
and to everyone who is conscious of God,
will He pardon her bad deeds,
And will grant her a vast reward.”
[Surah at-Talaq 65: 2-3, 4-5]


I said,
I have a problem,
I have lived a life and realised
the stranger in the room is me…

You said – yes, keep going.

There is a screaming voice inside.
This scream won’t make a sound, I said.

That’s a problem, You said,
screams should always make a sound.

You paused to watch a butterfly float by
and said –
A tight space beckons,
not an inch to spare,
air thinned to a crisp note,
movement restricted to a light hum.

I walked to the edge,
the edge of something-
I stretched out my arms.

My chest wide open and fragile.

My right palm facing upwards,
my left palm facing down,
and whirled.


scream lineslowres.jpg




…wildly knocking on an open door,
crazy colours, glittering halos,
sea’s roaring, smashing with the wind…

in the disagreement of You
pillars leaning in history,

it’s there, a pull deep in despair….


The angry wolf

Sits outside my house

Difficult to ignore

Easy to feed

Hard to love

Yum Bhindi…

RECIPE for Bhindi ( Lady Fingers)



1- Chop bhindi removing top parts, and into small pieces.
2- Chop and slice onions.
3- Fry Bhindi in small amount of oil for a few minutes, slightly brown bhindi, this removes slimy texture. Take out and put aside.
4- In same oil add the onions (approx. 3 onions, same proportion of bhindi) and brown – when slightly brown add 2 spoons of yogurt optional, then fry until yogurt melts away. Take onions out and leave aside to drain with fried bhindi.
5-Take 1 onion and brown in same oil – this onion will be base of masala/sauce.
6-Crush the garlic, ginger and chilli, add to the browned onion. Also add the tin tomatoes (or fresh tomatoes) and all the spices. Stir, add 1/2 a glass of water, put pan onto a low heat and let it cook with lid on – approx 5 mins.
7-Once water has completely evaporated – add the bhindi and other onions and cook for a further 15 minutes, under low heat with lid on.

Best enjoyed with fresh chapati’s!




I see you in-between the trees
I look in places of green.
Hiding from you in the critique of me
if it’s a daughters smile,
a friends greeting,
or want of a teachers love.
Gentle, kind and loved,
you remind me of my fathers eyes.
He said, ‘little one, look everywhere’.
So as I continue to climb ladders
outside and within,
how the distance is my refusal
I sing…

Al la Hum me Sal li a la-
Sey yi di na –
Mu hamme di nin ne biy  yil um miy yi 
Ve a La – a-
Li hi ve Sah 
Bi hi ve sel lim

Would that You were sweet

Would that You were sweet
Even while this life is bitter.
Would that You were pleased while people are angry,
Would that what is between You and me
Were filled and flourishing, and that
What is between me and the world were a ruin.
If Your love proves true,
Then all is easy, and all which is on earth is earth.
Sidi Ali al-Jamal


walking in the cracks,

‘Walking in the cracks, be of those’  She said.

‘But what of the golden path?
What of the kindly paved stones?’ I said.
‘And the cracks have sharp edges,
and sometimes –
you can walk for hours and it leads to walls.
-Paths have signs,
………….warm fires
and traffic lights…’

You said
‘A path is caged,
history decayed
paralysed in a season,
the queried left un-queried-
leaves a person in an upside down circle,
-find a fracture,
walk left and right, up and down
shrug your shoulders,
pull the string.’…

So I did,
and I found you,


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