the melody,

it was when I fell deep into
the bottom
of the sea
‘how do you stand up with this?’,
I said
I would listen to you
so I could sleep
I would listen to you
so I could be awake

and now
in the smiles of my walk
when I hear your melody
my heart rests – into ease
Ya Sin
in the times they made me read you
I shrunk from your gaze
at the funerals
we were told to seek you
but fear began to cascade
the heart?
they said, I wondered to know
in repetition
there is something I saw

but no,
it wasn’t then
it was when
I fell deep
the bottom
of the sea
and I asked you to
……..and now
I see you as my friend

O Thou Human Being (Ya Sin)
36:33 And they have a sign in the lifeless earth which We restore to life, and out of which We bring forth grain, of which they may eat;
36:34 and We produce there orchards with date-palms and vines, and We cause springs to gush forth from within it,
36:35 so that they may eat of the fruit from it, though it was not their hands that made it. Will they not, then, give thanks?



In the Name of God, the Infinitely Compassionate and Most Merciful

God-there is no deity but Hu, the Ever Living, the Self-subsisting Source of All Being.

No slumber can seize Her, nor sleep.

All things in heaven and on earth belong to Her.

Who could intercede in Her presence without Her permission?

She knows all that lies open before human beings and all that is hidden from them, nor can they encompass any knowledge except what She wills.

Her throne extends over the heavens and the earth, and She feels no fatigue in
guarding and preserving them,

for She is the Highest and Most Exalted.

Quran: 2:255

Mirrors and Reflections


The Quran…

“ This is why reading the Quran purifies the heart.  You remember the prophets words and their states. Their forms unite with your spirit; they become your comrades and sit with you.  By means of that great, immortal, and infinite jewel I gained such a warm, high knowledge that I merged with it and became filled with its fire.”

Rumi’s Sun – The Teachings of Shams of Tabriz
Translated by Refik Algan and Camille Adams Helminski

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