You are Joy

Mevlana Rumi – from the Mathnawi

Oh my God, our intoxicated eyes have blurred our vision.
Our burdens have become heavy, forgive us.
You are hidden, and yet from east to west You have filled the world with Your radiance.
Your light is more magnificent than sunrise or sunset,
and You are the inmost consciousness revealing the secrets we hold.
Your an explosive force causing our damned up rivers to burst forth.
You who’s essence is hidden while your gifts are manifest.
You are like water and we are like millstones.
You are like wind and we are like dust,
the wind is hidden while the dust is plainly seen.
You are the invisible spring and we are your lush garden.
You are the spirit of life and we are like hand and foot,
spirit causes the hand to close and open.
You are intelligence we are your voice,
Your intelligence causes this tongue to speak.
You are joy and we are laughter,
for we are the result of the blessing of Your joy.
All our movement is really a continually profession of faith,
bearing witness to your eternal power.
Just as the powerful turning of the milestone professes faith in the rivers existence.
Dust settles upon my head and upon my metaphors.
For You are beyond anything we could ever think or say,
and yet this servant cannot stop trying to express Your beauty,
in every moment let my soul be your carpet.

Recited beautifully by Camille Aney
19.33 seconds –On the Subject of Love


meaning is embodied in form,

I looked up
and saw a piece of the sky
‘thats a nice piece of sky’, I said

a star raced across this sky
I thought, where do you run, or star?
my vision claimed its ground
comfortable in a warm enclosure
my I afirmed, ‘thats a nice star that ran by, goodbye!’

this astrolabe heart requested
some olive oil
I suggested we could try coconut’s

the wall began rubbing my elbow’s
this cell squeezed my edges
‘ask her questions, find the racing star’
said the astrolabe of my heart

in this cosy cell
we pondered the racing star
and wondered
is my piece of sky up or down?



Listen, open a window to God
and begin to delight yourself
by gazing upon Her through the opening.
The business of love is to make that window in the heart,
for the breast is illumined by the beauty of the Beloved.
Gaze incessantly on the face of the Beloved!
Listen, this is in your power, my friend!
[Rumi, Mathnawi VI, 3095-3097]

don’t kill the camel…

Mathnawi class, Line 2447 – 2602

– Reflect on Surah Shams

In the Name of God, the Infinitely Compassionate and Most Merciful.
91:1 Consider the sun and its radiant brightness,
91:2 and the moon as it reflects the sun!
91:3 Consider the day as it reveals the world,
91:4 and the night as it veils it darkly! (or And the night when it covers.)
91:5 Consider the sky and its wondrous make,
91:6 and the earth and all its expanse!
91:7 Consider the human self, and how it is formed
in accordance with what it is meant to be,
91:8 and how it is imbued with moral failings as well as with consciousness of God!
91:9 To a happy state shall indeed attain her who causes this [self] to grow in purity,
91:10 and truly lost is her who buries it [in darkness].
91:11 TO [THIS] TRUTH gave the lie, in their overweening arrogance, [the tribe of] Thamud,
(the story of the tribe of Thamud, given here as an illustration of the human’s potential blindness )

91:12 when that most hapless wretch from among them
rushed forward [to commit their evil deed],
91:13 although God’s apostle had told them, “It is a she-camel belonging to God,
so let her drink [and do her no harm]!”
91:14 But they gave him the lie, and cruelly slaughtered her- whereupon their Sustainer visited them with utter destruction for this their sin, destroying them all alike:
91:15 for none [of them] had any fear of what might befall them.

“ O human of sound heart, it is walking backwards:
know that the rebelliousness of Pharaoh was from Moses.”

“No one gains victory over their hearts:
harm comes to the oyster-shell, not to the pearl.”

“She has mixed the people of the Fire and the people of the Light: between them She has reared the mountain of Qaf.”

“God connected with a body,
in order that he might become a refuge for the whole world.”

“You have heard this: may the whole of you, hair by hair, be an ear!
It is the Water of Life: you have drunk, may it do you good!”

“In one place poison and in one place medicine,
in one place infidelity and in one place approved.”

– we are constantly trying to kill the camel, there is mercy, mercy,  Mercy.

(picture, Robyn Davidson – film Tracks)


practice polishing, polishing, polishing,

Keep Polishing

Listen, be watchful if you want a clear heart,
for something is born to you from every action.
And if you have an even greater hope than this,
and if the work goes beyond the rank of one who’s watching,
even though you’re dark as iron,
practice polishing, polishing, polishing,
so that your heart might become a mirror full of images,
with a lovely light-hearted one shining from every direction.
Though the iron was dark and lacking light,
polishing cleared the darkness from it.

[Mathnawi IV: 2467-2471]

mathnawi class…

19th March 16 – Line 2245 – 2445 – Book I

“We fancy the disk of the moon is a disk of bread
and lift up our hands towards the sky”

“Some persons, on the promise of ‘to-morrow’,
have wandered for years around that door, ‘To-morrow’ never comes.”

“If one of the shoes is too tight for the foot,
the pair of them is of no use to you.”

– lack of integration

“Because dervishes are beyond property and wealth:
they posses an abundant portion from the almighty”

– learn to love your nafs

“if outwardly you are dominating your nafs, like the water
inwardly you are dominated and are seeking your nafs”

– surrender to divine will

– prayer is love

Death is hoarse from shouting…


I’ve paid no attention to your warnings:
while claiming to be an idol breaker, I’ve really been an idol-maker.
Should I pay more attention to Your works or to death?
Let it be death, for death is like autumn,
and You are the root from which all leaves spring.
For years death has been beating the drum,
but only when time has fled does your ear hear.
In agony the heedless person cries from the depths of their soul,
“Alas, I am dying!” Has death only just now awakened you?
Death is hoarse from shouting: from so many astounding blows,
her drum skin has spilt, but you enmeshed yourself in trivialities;
and only now do you apprehend this mystery of death.

(Mathnawi: VI, 771-776)





Sufism is the…


“Sufism is the beating heart of Islam, its wisdom teachings are the blood that circulates
not only among Muslims, but through the body of humanity.
Islam itself is not a Middle Eastern religion, not the prerogative of any ethnicity;
it is meant to be a universal expression of the primordial religion of humanity.
The dignity of the human being derives for the Divine Milieu out of which human life arose.
The sovereignty, self-determination, and spiritual freedom of the human being is scared.
The Sufi, the true Muslim, recognises the spiritual nature of reality
and a history of revelations to humanity from a single Source.
She or He aspires to be mindful of the truly Divine, the Real”.

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