Shams of Tabriz

How strange! How can a lover sleep!
Sleep isn’t allowed for one who loves!

Rumi’s Sun – The Teachings of Shams of Tabriz

They get dizzy

“Every Muslim needs to have an unbeliever within, and every unbeliever needs to have a muslim within. What savour is there in being a Muslim?  The savour is in lack of belief. Sometimes you cannot find any sign or way of muslimhood in a Muslim, but you may find the ways of muslimhood in an unbeliever. ” the final state of the sought, is to find the one who seeks,” they say, but one needs to say something better then that. However, they aren’t used to our way of talking. They get dizzy.”

Hazart Shams-e- Tabrizi

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Sufism is the…


“Sufism is the beating heart of Islam, its wisdom teachings are the blood that circulates
not only among Muslims, but through the body of humanity.
Islam itself is not a Middle Eastern religion, not the prerogative of any ethnicity;
it is meant to be a universal expression of the primordial religion of humanity.
The dignity of the human being derives for the Divine Milieu out of which human life arose.
The sovereignty, self-determination, and spiritual freedom of the human being is scared.
The Sufi, the true Muslim, recognises the spiritual nature of reality
and a history of revelations to humanity from a single Source.
She or He aspires to be mindful of the truly Divine, the Real”.

The Threshold Society

The Quran…

“ This is why reading the Quran purifies the heart.  You remember the prophets words and their states. Their forms unite with your spirit; they become your comrades and sit with you.  By means of that great, immortal, and infinite jewel I gained such a warm, high knowledge that I merged with it and became filled with its fire.”

Rumi’s Sun – The Teachings of Shams of Tabriz
Translated by Refik Algan and Camille Adams Helminski

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