Faludaj Recipe…

Faludaj Recipe…

Dhakkara was one of the early Sufi women know as the enraptured worshippers of God. Below recipe is inspired by the words of Dhakkara for a receipe of Faludaj.


( From the book – Women of Sufism)

Sufism is the…


“Sufism is the beating heart of Islam, its wisdom teachings are the blood that circulates
not only among Muslims, but through the body of humanity.
Islam itself is not a Middle Eastern religion, not the prerogative of any ethnicity;
it is meant to be a universal expression of the primordial religion of humanity.
The dignity of the human being derives for the Divine Milieu out of which human life arose.
The sovereignty, self-determination, and spiritual freedom of the human being is scared.
The Sufi, the true Muslim, recognises the spiritual nature of reality
and a history of revelations to humanity from a single Source.
She or He aspires to be mindful of the truly Divine, the Real”.

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